Sunday, September 17, 2017

NZCPR Weekly: Election 2017 - Style versus Substance

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This week, in our final Election 2017 update, we look into the ‘hot’ election topic of tax and investigate some of the promises that have been made by Labour, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Anthony Willy explains why the Labour Party’s plan to disclose the details of tax policies after the election is so dishonest, and this week’s poll asks whether you agree with Labour that New Zealand needs more taxes? 

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Brian said...
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Do you agree with Labour that New Zealand needs more taxes?

Counsel for the Prosecution “When did you last stop beating your wife.”
Council for the Defendant “Objection My Lord, My client has never stopped”!

Governments always want more taxes, mainly in that they allow for more employment of bureaucrats, so necessary to inform future Governments how to use that tax to employ more bureaucrats in creating more regulations, rules etc.

Since the Labour Party came into existence worldwide, they have subscribed to the radical idea that to tax the “rich” (ill defined in all their manifestoes) which turn into votes from the cloth cap brigade at election time.

What is concerning, is a Labour/Green/ Maori Party tripartite win at this election that will inevitably turn into an extreme left wing pathway taking this country back to the past. It will quickly realise upon becoming Government, that destroying our major export sector will cause significant financial problems that impact quickly upon a spiralling debt and inflation and will emerge as a damaging influence prior to the next election.

Consequently this will leave open the only way to retain power, and that will be to nationalise (the name will be cosmetically changed to avoid any public concern) agriculture; which will fulfil a socialistic dream, and at the same time remove the constant thorn from the threat from individualistic free thinking farmers.

We shall then have a Government corporate farming structure annually insolvent but in which “ALL OF US WILL ENJOY OUR OWN LAND HERITAGE”. Provisions will of course, be made for the exemption of Maori Land holdings, Maori customs and any issues of taxation on Maori “Charities”.

Wake up, on election morning New Zealanders TO FIND THAT IT IS NOT A NIGHTMARE BUT A REALITY. And the Bill will have come home with a vengeance.

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